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"Live your best life!"


Born in Southern Louisiana and grew up in a large family; the youngest of seven.  Who knew that after she graduated from high school, went on to receive her Bachelor's Degree in Science, her career as a Registered Nurse would only be the start of what God had planned for her. 

After 15 years of working full-time as a registered nurse,  she found herself at a point in her life where she was not living anymore, only existing.  She became too busy for family, self, and God.  A change had to come.  In November of 2013, she realized when you place God 1st in your life, family, all else will follow. 

God allowedtheir paths to cross. She volunteered her services to help  Gospel artist, Pastor Wess Morgan cause, Recovery Festival, and he in turn reached out to her to educate and inform people on addiction from a medical standpoint. This event motivated her to further her education and receive her certification as a Certified Substance Abuse Practitioner in 2015.  Pastor Wess's vision became my purpose.   This year will be her 4th year traveling to Tennessee to help where ever and however she can be of service.  

She also volunteers by providing outreaches on substance abuse and addiction to the men of a half-way house.  These men are recovering and transitioning back into a productive society. In 2016, she was asked to serve on The Board of their organization.

Hands on nursing care will always be part of her life.  She goes out in the community as a home-health nurse.  Taking care of  patients  in his or her home setting, she must wear many hats; including  being their nurse, social worker, counselor, and advocate.  In 2016, she was selected as Louisiana 100 Great Nurses.  This is an award that recognizes her concern of humanity and significant contributions to theprofession of nursing and the mentoring of others.

Now, we add another layer, she is a published author.  Her book titled If I Only Had 25 Hours in a Day... This is a personal account of how busy life can become and how easily we stop living, and just existing.  She motivates you while sharing the changes she needed to make in her life to enjoy and love the time God gives us. 

There is no doubther passion is to live her best live.  As she would say, "My life is God driven." and "He is in control."  Her story, her journey, and her testimony will leave youfeeling very inspired.



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